CRY, SMILE, WONDER a book of poems by David C. Sarnacki


David C. Sarnacki

In Cry, Smile, Wonder, David Sarnacki lays bare meaningful moments from our collective struggles and joys of being human. There are poems that will make you cry, poems to make you smile, poems about wonder and whimsy, and poems that might even touch your heart.

Written in a plain conversational style, these poems are highly accessible to nontraditional readers, with an eclectic mix of inspirational topics and styles. You will find poems touching on such subject matters as: relationships, things Thrivers tell Survivors, friendships, love and divorce, family, parents and children, adoption, death, grief and loss, suicide, hope, peace and joy, days to cry and the only time to die, and goodness. You will meet a Madam, the fat boy, Olivia and her counselor, the uncelebrated beauty, peach friend, Grampa Joe, a werewolf, aging basketball players, and many others. And hopefully you will find your mind and heart open to some of the unfolding mysteries of life.

From the simple to the extraordinary, from the common to the personal, there is something special in this collection for everyone. Poems include:

Whispering, Fabric Store, Madam Mei, Things Thrivers Tell Survivors, Rain, Fat Boy, A Night, Coming Back To The Normal, While You're Drinking Coffee, Men Are Gathering, Fool, First A Dream, Warmest Winter Day, Baby Names, Clean Your Room, Canyon, Snowflake, Esprit, A Time To Die, Poet, Olivia's Session, Another Step, Black & White, Maya & Mama, Gabrielle's Adoption, Crayons, Sky Goddess, Looking, The Uncelebrated Beauty, The Night After The Last Day Of School, Swirls, Peach Friend, Grampa Joe's Thanksgiving Blessing, Your Challenge, D.C. On A Monday Night, Another Day, The Dream, A Son's Prayer, A Father's Day, Baby Meggie, Chaos, The Wanderer, See The Child, Thank Love, The Wind, Emma, My Love, Carly's Birthday, Presence, Dwelling, The Cracks Around, Examination, The Gift Within Us, Mystery, Ava's Letter, Moment #694,137,600, Gifts From Irish Eyes, Peace, Today I Cry, Morning Love, Hope, From The Pilgrim In The Last Pew, Letters, Regan, Solstices, No Catch, Night Woman, and The Joy Of Living.

David C. Sarnacki is neither a #1 New York Times bestselling author nor an internationally acclaimed author nor a social media sensation. On the other hand, he has published hundreds of works in his profession, been awarded a Commendation by the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism for a monthly column in Grand Rapids Parent Magazine, and been cited as an authority by United States Supreme Court in Winston v. Lee, 470 U.S. 753 (1985).

Mostly, Dave enjoys family and friends, ventures into creative endeavors, and generally tries to go about doing some good. He has been blessed in his life by Bridget, their five extraordinary children and growing families, and his most loving and wonderful parents and in-laws.