A Visual Refresher Course on Courtroom Persuasion by David C. Sarnacki

A Visual Refresher Course on Courtroom Persuasion

David C. Sarnacki

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What award winning advocates and jurists say:

David Sarnacki's effort is an invaluable aid to the advocate...a most helpful primer for both the new and veteran advocates.

Retired Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice

If your goal is to be persuasive in court, at ADR or in other aspects of life, this book is for you.

Retired Michigan Court of Appeals Judge

Even after 45 years of trial practice, I find David's book to be a refreshing reminder of what is important in persuasion, and what is not.

Drew Cooper & Anding

This terrific book is...so accessible and insightful, with 'easy on the eyes' diagrams for best practices in effective courtroom persuasion, including healthy doses of inspiration from Atticus Finch to Dr. King.

The Miller Law Firm Detroit

A Visual Refresher Course on Courtroom Persuasion simplifies understanding with a practical, visual approach to trial persuasion. Learn how to become the guiding advocate, develop a simple core message, and skillfully make memories at trial. Like A Visual Refresher Course on Expert Testimony, this is another book you will actually use.

Key subjects in this high-yield reference include how professional advocates:

  1. Think and argue to win two-sided argumentation.
  2. Craft a powerful core message.
  3. Develop something meaningful to say using the principles and art of persuasion.
  4. Apply the tools of argument into effective trial techniques.

To illustrate the concepts for making your case at trial, compelling, vivid examples are drawn from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech and Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.

Stop suffering through 400-page tomes searching for the core principles you need now. The work's been done for you, so no need to waste your time. Get straight into the principles of persuasion from a practical perspective. A Visual Refresher Course on Courtroom Persuasion provides the quick overview you need to think clearly about trial preparation and to use these skills today.

While prepared especially for young lawyers and law students, everyone can discover the benefits of resource. In particular, this Visual Refresher Course also serves as a step-by-step guide for leaders of high school mock trial teams. Simple, effective, and enjoyable.

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